Our Story

Over 45 years ago, Ann & John Mitchell identified a need to elevate the non-destructive testing industry. From that spark of genius, on March 8, 1974, Mitchell Laboratories was established.

Through the years, the Mitchell’s have applied the wisdom & insight of their experiences to achieve their position as leaders. For nearly five decades, Mitchell Laboratories has performed inspection & quality services for the world’s top companies supporting the following industries: aerospace, automotive, nuclear power, shipbuilding, composite materials, metal fabrication medical, & various government business sectors.

Since 1974, Mitchell Laboratories has grown to over 35,000 square feet occupying three separate inspection facilities. The Mitchell’s have proven time & time again that their team commitment can meet the challenges of today’s operating environment while managing on-time delivery at the highest quality.

"We believe that the best way to measure success is through the satisfaction and success of our customers."
- Stephen Mitchell, President
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